Ode To Sidney Grace

Well… I’ve had unexpected duties as the son of a mother with Alzheimer’s the past few years, so my plans to post and write my Scenes From Fatherhood blog and book were relegated to the back burner. I’m hoping to make up for it with this heartfelt song video that is quite literally scenes from 20 years of fatherhood.

Ode To Sidney Grace is one of the most meaningful longterm projects I’ve ever produced. My love letter to fatherhood. I began composing and filming this in 2002 to gift to Sidney on her final day with us, but eventually realized that it’s really about the relationship between our two girls and our whole family. My wife Janette, my daughter Riley and I recorded it, I spent weeks converting and curating old videos from obsolete technologies, and we gave it to Sidney the night before we all dropped her off at college.

We kept it family-only for the school year, and share it with you now on Sidney’s first day home from freshman year! I hope it brings a smile or tear of joy and reminds you to hug your loved ones.

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