Babe Magnet

Babe Magnet is my in development romantic comedy screenplay focusing on the delicate balance between romance and parenting. In development, of course, means that I sent it to this one guy in Hollywood, he didn’t want to buy it in its current form, and I decided I didn’t have quite enough free time or self delusion to write another draft.

Even more embarrassing is the fact that I maintain the naive aspiration of one day editing Babe Magnet down to size, selling it to Hollywood for at least one hundred dollars, and watching it one day on the big screen. Here’s my swell, albeit still completely unsuccessful, pitch statement of the screenplay…

Babe Magnet is a romantic comedy screenplay inspired by an experience I — and many other fathers — have had: Chicks dig me when I go out in public with my kids. The irony of this situation is, of course, that as a husband and father I am no longer in a position to reap the rewards.

I mentioned this to a bachelor friend, and he asked if he could borrow my daughter for an hour to pick up chicks. The story quickly flowed from there.

Read Babe Magnet in its current form below if you dare…

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