These unsolicited responses were sent by everyday fans unless otherwise noted as quotes from publications. Cory’s grateful to all for taking the time to listen, write and connect — it means a lot to him. Visit the Doctor Noize and Reach Studios websites for their own buzz .

“Congratulations to music faculty Cory Cullinan (AKA Doctor Noize), who co-produced the song that opened the United Nations Development Program’s “Nature For Life Hub” yesterday. Watch here#ThisIsRegis #NatureForLife #sustainability #music”
–Regis University

A Little Extra won first place in the 2008 WCS International Song Competition in the Miscellaneous (unconventional/other) category.”
— International Song Competition, West Coast Songwriters Assoc.

“I have just listened to your Magnum Opus. Quite frankly, it’s a goddam masterpiece. I don’t even know where to start in my praise of your creation: raucous, groovin’, lyrical, baroque, moving, funny. Well I guess that is a start after all. If I can get my interpretative faculties around the CD I will review it for the northern California paper I write for.”
David Yearsley, Cornell University Professor of Music

“My Oyster is an extraordinary creation, a work of boundless imagination.”
— David Yearsley, from his review His Oyster (read the complete review here)

“‘I’ve been listening to a particular CD titled “My Oyster” and I believe it has helped me dissolve any excessive amounts of tar in my veins. The lyrics are like poetry and the music is a moving interpretation of the poem’s analysis. Both together are like inspiration itself pouring over my eardrums, soaking me in life and philosophy. It means a lot more to me in particular, however, because “My Oyster” was written, performed, and produced by Cory Cullinan, a high school friend of my brother’s who I believe really understands the pain of loss and the value of living.”
Audrey Kanemoto, from her article The World Is My Oyster (read the full article here)

“Thanks for the great songs! My wife & I sat for 4-5 min. after listening to “My Oyster” & were deeply moved. What more could an artist & musician achieve!  I buy a lot of CDs, and this is truly one of the best ones I’ve heard all year! The lyrics are great and your voice is great.”

“Your music is wonderful, and the words — beyond words.”

“As a woman, let me tell you that “Something (For Janette)” is one of THEEE most romantic, loving and wonderful songs that I have ever heard. And, the fact that you chose to share that special gift with the rest of the world is awesome! It allows us to see the glory of your relationship. Besides, most every person that has heard that song in my presence has commented about how romantic and wonderful it is! I’m looking forward to the next show.”

“As I listened to your CD the first time, I was awe struck when I heard both of the dedication pieces!  I was touched by the songs you wrote for your brother and father, and from a distant place, I wanted to say that I respect your strength to be able to write and perform these songs. Courageous, ambitious, not trivializing or being trite.”

“He said he saw two different perspectives about the power of life and death, and that his brother had the right way of looking at things. Even while dying, he kept doing what he loved. “I had a lot of education on different ways to look at life,” while still in high school. The slogan on Cullinan’s promotional material reads, ‘Music for the Creative Listener.'”
— Joan Gielow, from her article Local Musician Goes Beyond Pop In New CD (read the full article here)

“From now on, record stores will have a new category with just one artist. You crazy wacky person. I really enjoyed the CD. Broadway meets Queen meets the Beatles meets Steely Dan meets Cory meets Beethoven meets blah blah blah!”
— Tim Devine, keyboardist for Julio Iglesias, songwriter, and producer

“This is the sound of the future.”
Carter (manager for Paula Cole) on Little Rock Don’t Break

“I just re-listened to My Oyster and it’s kickin’, man. I’m going to scream and cry until someone gets it for me for Christmas. I heard it when I was 14, but I really don’t think I fully appreciated it at a time when I pretty much only listened to ’90s white American ska and punk. I’m all about good orchestration now, and your album has certainly got that… You were a huge influence on me getting started with recording. In fact, you were kind of THE influence. So bones to you, brother.”

“Your openness in your music is really great-keep the faith!”

“I LOVE “A Little Extra” and “My Oyster”.  Congrats!  In fact, I have been meaning to tell you (and I am reminded just about daily) that Apple must love your songs.  I fully admit that Doctor Noize entered my iPod by accident…  But I definitely wanted My Oyster on there, thus both albums are on my iPod along with about 500 other miscellaneous songs.  Anyway, I keep it on shuffle and Apple/iPod plays one of your songs from either album at least every third song.  That’s a pretty great ratio.  I’m not sure whose wheels you greased to get that to happen, but it does make me think of you fondly and often!  ;-)”

“It’s deep, man.”
— Hershel Yatovitz, Guitarist of the Chris Isaak Band

“After reading the nice article on Cory in the “Palo Alto Weekly” I created a quiet block of time so I could actively listen – with full attention – to the music and lyrics on his CD. Wow! – I am so impressed with the musicality, variety, depth, *philosophy,* balance – talent. I marvel at his creativity, and appreciate the sheer hard work – hours, months, years – involved in the process. He had a dream and went after it! He has such beautiful blends in his music and thoughts – depth balanced with a delightful sense of humor.”

“Cullinan’s abilities lie not only in performance but in composition, in the classical sense.”
Jay Kadis to Joan Gielow in the Palo Alto Daily (read the full article here)

“Finally, for something completely different… A composer of formidable technique at work.”
Titus Levi, Keyboard Magazine

“After listening through your album in my car several times, I can only begin to imagine what a monumental undertaking your project must have been. First of all, I’m extremely impressed with the diversity of your music and writing! I mean everything from Choral pieces to pop. Probably my favorite was “Little Rock Don’t Break” as I liked the intensity of it. Other highlights for me were the string arrangements (real strings! how often does that happen these days?). The overall production was absolutely stunning. When I think about the time, focus and effort the project must have taken, I can only begin to imagine the pride you must be taking in the whole recording. Your writing is a wonderful mixture of the traditional and Avant Garde. I’ve gotten so used to the standard verse/chorus/bridge configuration here in Nashville, that it’s easy to forget that other styles even exist. Your album was a very gratifying reminder.”
Cliff Goldmacher, producer, independent recording artist & songwriter

“Thanks so much for your masterpiece. You must be SOO thrilled! The spectrum you cover is fantastic. I love how personal your lyrics are and the variety of styles! Your personality is evident. 🙂 I’ve had “Take Some Time” with you and Janette stuck in my head for the last week and a half! The story it tells, the harmony in the strings, the subtle twists in the lyrics – question – When you say “He did not hear her smile” seems to have a double meaning… hmmm! The first few times, I assumed that she didn’t smile. But then I started to wonder if he was really overly concerned all day! There’s one other word play I REALLY like! The “may” take some time towards the end of the song and the line about releasing or bruising. Really great stuff!”

“I never heard an independent (CD) produced at this level… (It’s) a huge jigsaw puzzle… very intricate… A person like this comes along rarely.”
— Emily Bezar, DemiVox Records recording artist

“You know, I am about to pay you the biggest compliment! I am listening to Sgt. Pepper and it is not unlike My Oyster. Now don’t let your head swell – I didn’t say it was good!!”

“My god. You’ll be ending up in N.Y. in a few years, I’m pretty sure. Broadway will suck you up & wrap you in ribbons [ooh – sounds tickly, doesn’t it], but not yet. I love this thing (some of it reminds me of Queen – howZAT make you feel?!? – I love Queen, BTW! P.S. Kurt Weill & Berthold Brecht also come to mind. Are you channeling??? I know you’re not old enough to understand the things you write! I didn’™t mean it exactly that way – I meant it more along the lines of ‘I don’t comprehend how you have the perspective you do at your age.’ Not everyone would be able to learn from the sad experiences you’ve had & be able to look at things with so much love and hope – even if they were 20 or 30 years older. I’m just being appreciative & sort of full of wonder. You certainly got the “how can you experience joy without pain?” lesson early, and you actually learned it. I’m sorry, but it’s (quite unfortunately, for the culture, I’d say) amazing. And to then write about it cogently. My my. When are you leaving for New York? I’m telling you – part of your future is waiting for you on Broadway. And maybe not all in musicals, either. Ah well – all in time all in time !…”

“The music Mr. Cullinan writes does not fall into a traditional category. It combines elements of every kind of music… With even more variance than the Beatles put in Magical Mystery Tour… It is also further proof of Mr. Cullinan’s abnormality.”
Craig Wildman, from his review Mr. Cullinan Shows Prowess In My Oyster in the Panther Prints

“I hope he gets famous. It’s a really neat CD. Really creative guy, and a good voice. I just won’t let my wife listen to it anymore. That little hidden track at the end makes me look bad; I asked her to marry me in the car on the way home from the vet. A natural romantic! Hey, put me on your mailing list if you have one; I want your new CDs when they come out. Also, if your band comes out east, tell me when/where.”

“Thank you so much for the wonderful CD containing your song, Little Rock Don’t Break. (I enjoyed your other work, also!) Cory, your musical interpretation of the first day for the “Little Rock Nine” is outstanding. It is obvious that you have a heartfelt concern for Little Rock and Arkansas as we deal with and overcome the crisis at Central High School. Please accept my warmest and best wishes for your success – and may God bless you.”
— Mike Huckabee, Governor of Arkansas

“Dear Cory: Thank you very much for the copy of My Oyster, which the Arkansas Governor’s office passed along to me. I was glad to receive your work, and I appreciate your thoughtfulness. Hillary joins me in sending best wishes. Sincerely,”
— Bill Clinton, President of the United States of America

(Yes, Pictoria Records really did receive these letters from the above public servants. And we have a signed note on sealed White House stationery to prove it…)

“We didn’t move fast enough because “His Oyster” is no longer available in any of Chisinau’s many trendy music stores. Can you send us the (signed) CD at $15 so that we won’t have to continue to endure the snickers of President Lucinschi and our other dinner guests when they demand a Cory Cullinan song and we come up with some lame excuse? If the music is anywhere near as good as your flyer, it’s going to be great!
— John Todd Stewart, U.S. Ambassador to the Republic of Moldova

“When you think singer/songwriter, you don’t really think of the kind of material that Cory does — and I think that you’re going to like it! He is sort of one of those musicians without borders, and he uses all of his influences and incorporates them beautifully — flawlessly — with great lyrics. And you’ll probably hear a little samba, a little Queen, a little Beatles, a little bluegrass, who knows?!? You would if you had the CD, which is excellently produced and a really wonderful product! Brilliant, funny, and largely influenced by the Beatles, the Gershwins, and Gustav Mahler!!!
— Marla Bodi, KPFA-FM 94.5 (Berkeley) DJ

“So let me tell you the simple joy of your rikud. You listen to it for the first time and say to yourself, ‘How cool, Cory Cullinan has a CD and it’s good but musically challenging and I don’t want to really think right now…’ Finally, a few days later you find yourself singing “Hey Hey Eye High” over and over and over and over again. So you go back and throw on the CD and listen. And the next day you’re singing a new song in your spare time and then all of a sudden you just keep playing his darn CD because you have decided it rules and you need to learn the words so you don’t sing the same part over and over and over again.”
Cory Fossum, singer/guitarist of A Fine Kettle Of Fish

“I am truly grateful to my friend for introducing me to your music!”

“I don’t give out compliments lightly, but this is incredible. I’m going to order four copies for friends of mine who I know will love it. I’m thinking of recording my own independent project, and this is raising the bar and inspiring me to a higher standard for my own project.”
— Jason Myers, pianist/songwriter

“I keep meaning to write to you! I really enjoyed your CD. The production is fantastic and the diversity of the songs very impressive! I loved that amazing weird one with Emily in it.. and your voice is great. I’d be interested in seeing your band some time.”
— Amy X Neuburg, racer records recording artist

“Very good stuff, man! It’s certainly high-caliber.”
— Greg Rule, musician & Editor of Keyboard Magazine

“The CD is, as I’m sure you know by this time, unique in intention, and thoroughly interesting and admirable. I’ll be intrigued to see (+ hear) what you do next.”
Nathan Rubin, reknowned violinist, author of Rock & Roll: Art & Anti-Art, Professor of Music at California State University Hayward, & Concert Master of the Oakland Symphony & Star Wars recordings

“You have any new albums out? To be honest, your Oyster album is one of my favorites… I probably listen to it as much as I listen to any other album I own. I wish I could arrange like that. =) Let me know when your next performance is scheduled.”

“Very well done. It has been a very long time since I listened to an entire CD without moving from the chair or reading etc. (Don’t tell.) But you have written some very cool stuff. What are you going to do now?”
— José Bowen, Dean & Professor of Music at Meadows School of the Arts, Southern Methodist University, jazz pianist, & composer

“A real fun ride.  He’s a fine musician, composer, singer and poet.”
— Amazon customer review

“This is the best #&%@@ I’ve heard in years! I want to order six copies for my friends.”

“You were always WAY talented (I still listen to Oyster).”

“We gave (My Oyster) to our son for Christmas & he loves it. Says he plays it over & over & over. Hope you’re selling lots. When’s the next one coming out?”

“Our Christmas list contains people who need your CD. They may not know it yet, but they NEED your CD. I would like to order 4 copies of it.”

“It’s all your fault. I can’t get the CD out of my mind and I am stuck here all night without any music! Hopefully your music will help me get through the tough times and enjoy the good times. If you ever tour in Boston let me know!”

“Fascinating! In short, your CD is fascinating! I listened to it from stem to stern, and I loved it! Very eclectic! The vocal stuff is just outstanding-MAN! Your arranging is just phenomenal, as is your writing! I do enjoy it very much.”

“Saw the CD in the bookstore and just listened to it (bought it also), and wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed it. You should be really proud – it’s wonderfully creative and very enjoyable to listen to! Your piano playing sounds great. You are quite a singer as well – all in all a very impressive result. My congratulations to you.”
— Fred Weldy, pianist, recording artist & Stanford music lecturer

“This thing is cool. I’m really impressed by the instrumentation. The variety of song types is great, too! The main achievement, though, is the depth of lyrics and subject material: top-notch. On the whole, it reminds me a lot of a couple of albums by the group “Jellyfish”. Do you know them? You need to check them out! Stuff like Jellyfish (and My Oyster as well) has so much stuff in there that one keeps discovering new things if one has the ear to listen deeper.”

“It sounds like Queen.”

“I was listening to some tracks off “My Oyster” a bunch of times last week and it occurred to me that you could write a damn good musical. Have you ever considered writing for musical theater? Your musical styles are compatible for a musical theater format (and I don’t mean that as an insult.) You can successfully write for orchestration and a number of different vocalists. You have shown that you can write songs expressing a range of emotions! Your songs are thick and rich, both musically and lyrically! It’s taken me a long time to get a handle on your music (8 months!) because it’s so dense. I also hear Cory Cullinan in the music… I hear you inside the music, and I can’t imagine writing much music with that personal intensity without feeling drained. Perhaps for you it’s a source of inspiration.”

“I am VERY IMPRESSED! You are so talented. Do people ever tell you that you sound like Michael Feinstein? I mean that as a compliment because I love how he sings all of the old Gershwin songs. I loved your proposal song(!) and even more the sentiment behind it. I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall witnessing your romantic proposal.”

“You have a great voice, like Freddie Mercury. Have you heard of Gentle Giant? It also reminds me of them.”

“The lyrics! were truly wonderful-in the light of current music, really remarkable. Powerful images and adept phrasing enhance the thoughtful and provoking messages. I especially liked Little Rock Don’t BreakNever Shatter YouIn The Doorway, and Our Town. There wasn’t one I did not like.”

“This &%@&$$* is great! I put it right in my car cassette player after I saw you, and I listened to the first few songs and said “This is great ^$@*#!#!!” Your vocal range is incredible.. Anyway, I just wanted to call and tell you I appreciate it, and thank you for your music.”

“Ok, so here it is: my favorites (with commentary): 1.Without You (just a really good pop tune, with that killer middle section you always look forward to); 2. Story Of Heaven (clever lyrics, creative use of melody, rock guitar, and the Yes-ish chorus); 3.Little Rock Don’t Break (three weeks ago I would not have chosen this one, but I like it more as I listen to it-good storytelling, use of sound, guitar, aggressive but not harsh to ear). Other honorable mentions include Drifting AwayIn The DoorwayTake Some Time… By the way, Track 13 is a big hit with the ladies across the hall.”

“Songs I really dig: The Story of Heaven, In the Doorway (“A strange relief that it was over”… you break my heart). Songs I hate: None (what good am I?) I actually like them all!”

“(Our Town) is an epic — it takes you through lots.”

“I have listened to it back and forth numerous times, in fact dozens of times. I have played it for Tony, my country singer friend, and George, my rockabilly guitar hurling friendâ, and to a few others who know the local music biz. Both said that your CD was excellent, especially in terms of production, musicianship, lyrics and originality. Tony said that he heard Freddy Mercury-esque elements in the lyrics. George said he thought some of it could have been intended for rock-opera, or perhaps musicals (Never Shatter You). Tony pointed to elements not unlike Sergeant Pepper/Beatles. Your writing, from what I hear and see (jacket), is playful, intelligent, articulate and it is obvious to me (being fixated on language use) that you would have spent a lot of time working on choice of words. The subject matter touches on a number of issues which I believe are worthwhile and current (Chernobyl, racism, militarism/war, etc.), sincere and heartfelt (the ubiquitous *profound* I am afraid to use, but I hope you know my meaning), upbeat (the song with Janette for instance) and intelligent musically (Share My Soul rounds in Without You, voice separations and arrangement in Bright in Your Ways). I also see the talent both in your voice (Heaven) and playing (Our Town). I guess from this, you know you have a “Nook in the North.” Bravo!”

“I’ve been putting this off until I had a solid hour or two to really give you the feedback your endeavor merits. I definitely hear the Jellyfish influence. Your ambition is inspiring. I love the fact that you tackle such complicated songs and diverse genres and styles. I like Crazy Old Man. This is one of the better tracks. My Oyster: Banjo is cool. Bright in Your Ways: This is very pretty. I wouldn’t change a thing. Take Some Time: I like the plucking and bass. Janette’s harmonies are awesome and well-placed. Her singing about the “sugar-plumb fairies sticky when you dry” is awesome. Did I mention how excellent all your musicians are? A Little Extra is your hit single and that’s a given. It’s very catchy and all the little cool parts move the whole song and contribute it to it being one piece. The bass kicks (butt). A definite gem. Never Shatter You: No one could ever say that your music is not rich enough. Drifting Away: Piano is very nice. Your diverse instrumentations are really challenging and cool. The Story of Heaven: Good thing I used to listen to lots of 70’s art rock. The Fountain of Salamacis has nothing on this. This would be a great multi-media program because so much is going on – listen to that organ! The mixing on the voices is pretty cool. In the Doorway: Cool harpsichord – it’s always cool when someone other than Tori Amos uses one! Wow, I just read the lyrics. That’s intense. That’s courageous of you to write about your dad. It’s really compelling. Our Town: This is a pretty song too. Haunting like that reviewer said. I like the flute. For Janette: How could I critique the song you used to propose to your wife (even if it is one of the best songs on the album)? All your strengths are permanent: ear for hooks, rich instrumentation, complex song structuring, variety, cool voice, cool wife’s voice. I can’t wait to hear you live!”

“Your CD has already made it into our son’s archive of great music, and I believe was premiered at a middle school dance a couple of months ago. I will have my agents contact yours for royalty arrangements!”

“I’m going to order 10 cds and give them to all my friends. Also, I wore your tee shirt all over Hong Kong recently, and you are now world famous. (I have noodle stains all over the shirt, but all the Hong Kong noodle joints love Coly Currinan).”

“I hadn’t made the time to tell you this before, but I wanted to let you know that I’m *really* enjoying your album. I have it here at work and listen to it frequently. I *love* The Story of HeavenBright In Your Ways (touching), and my possible favorite Little Rock Don’t Break. You shared Never Shatter You with me some years ago and I still enjoy it immensely. The jazz feel of Drifting Away is nice also. In general it’s great fun and I wish you the best success.”

“Thanks for the rapid delivery of the disc. I really enjoyed it. There was hardly anything on it that sucked! Seriously, I was very impressed by the mix of styles and the great production values. “Little Rock” is my favorite! Additionally, my son (now 12) has latched on to the thing, and I haven’t seen it since my first couple of listenings! To me, that means you’ve got a winner! Bravo!”

“I liked that song A Little Extra, it was really cool. I’m going to play some more stuff from it next week.”
— Scotty M., KZSU-FM 90.1 (Stanford) DJ

“My Oyster has already been on air! I am very impressed with what I have heard.”
— David Redford, 4RED-FM 99.7 (Brisbane, Australia) DJ

“It’s very refreshing to hear an artist who has something to say lyrically and can accompany that with strong compositional talents.”
— Tim Roberts, Guitarist & Director of the Guitar Activity Center, Mountain View, CA

“I loved your music; you have so many strengths as a composer! If I were to project a career for you, it would be in the area of scoring music for video and film, and possibly Broadway musicals! Please keep in touch.”
— Diane Rapaport, author of How To Make & Sell Your Own Recording

“Hopefully you won’t mind a bit of fan e-mail! I came across your name as I was doing a search for some info on a family tree I was building. I was actually quite surprised there were so many Cullinans out there, but especially when I followed the links to the “unofficial Cory Cullinan” page. My curiosity got the better of me so I ordered your CD, which I still enjoy very much! Good luck in your music career.”

“Your tape is amazing! You’re very talented.”

“(My co-worker) was playing your recently released CD, and I thought it was totally awesome! Just fill me in on the address and I’ll drop a check in the mail immediately.”

“The CD is so awesome! I’m really impressed. Congratulations!”

“We LOVED the tape.”

“I hope you sell a million copies.”

“His album is wonderful and I will be proud to wear his t-shirt and spread his name around Nashville!”

“I love the CD.”

“Great job Cory! Well worth waiting for!”

“Awesome! I’m impressed with the music, I think the messages are sincere. Rich and light at the SAME time. Good orchestration. And of course, super production from meister Blackford.”

“‘I’m into the CD!”

“I actually own one of your tape cassettes. I really like it! You are very talented.”

“Congratulations! I saw your disc and tape at the Stanford Bookstore! I looked around for somebody to brag to, but finding no likely suspects, I bought a tape for my Walkman (the only way I consume music these days, I’m afraid — and now have even more reason to brag (but still no victims) because I know somebody who makes GOOD music. Hope this takes you to the top of the charts.”

“I dig the CD.”

“It sounds like Frank Zappa on acid.”

“It’s the *uniqueness*of your style that draws me to many of the tunes on your CD. It’s what I look for in other music (in addition to the mental/physical /spiritual stimulation) no matter what the style.”

“Love it! The tape is great — a challenge for the ears to be sure. However, I forgot to sign up for your mailing list. I would like to now.”

“unique and intriguing. not for the average listener. cullinan has created what could possibly be the oddest combination of music in years. when i first heard it, i found it much too aggressive and downright weird. however, i listened again anyway and grew to appreciate all the hard work he must have put into it and just how, let’s say, deep his music really is. he didn’t just sit down and pound out the average pop song. he poured out his heart and made you cry. give it a try. you have to listen to it a few times and read the backstory to this guy to even have a chance of understanding it, but when you do, it’s all the sweeter. it’s beautiful mr. c.”

“We are enjoying your CD.”

“It reminds both me and my husband of Danny Elfman.”

“I have enjoyed very much listening to the songs on your CD. Excellent work! You’ve got talent! Even though you have your own style, the songs kind of reminded me of Billy Joel’s style. The humor you used on the CD insert was hilarious!”

“You have a great voice and range.”

“I picked up your CD! Very interesting and diverse. Your voice has a lot of control & range. Was that your area of study at school?”

“My favorite songs are the first three plus Story of Heaven. Based on the old man and the tree song I initially had you pegged as somebody who listens to They Might be Giants and Paul Simon, but the rest of the album pretty much threw that out the window. Question: have you considered trying to write a musical? A show like _Les Miz_ is essentially a collection of story-telling songs held together with some staging glue. That’s what your style ultimately reminded me of. Good job!”

“(Our Town) is great. The lyrics are really interesting. You have a great voice!”

“My father told me something last night that you are gonna love! My youngest brother, Danny, just turned two. My father says that MY OYSTER is Danny’s favorite album. He likes the first song on it because of the rooster, so he calls the album (sorry) “ka-ka.” He’s a kid, what can you expect? You are profoundly shaping my brother’s life!”

“Put me on the list for a My Oyster action figure or shower curtain.”

“You will be pleased to know that your album made the approved list for being played in the car driving across the Midwest with my partner’s mom… especially the a capella cut. She’s a singer in her choir.”

“Good stuff Mr. C. Very interesting and unique. Keep it up…”

“First of all when I was in Minnesota with my boyfriend Dave, a friend of ours played your music for us, saying it’s the best music around today. And he was right! When we heard your recording we were annihilated off the face of the earth! I’ve never heard anything so incisive in all my life. It’s a deft blend of delicate poise and raw power, kind of like a frolicking dragon. Have you ever read William Burroughs? Your music is reminiscent of the moods engendered in his work. Since our first listen, my boyfriend and I have become total addicts to your music and we’ve been going around telling all our friends how great you are. If your music was heroin, we’d be like those two kids in that film the Basketball Diaries! The fact that you don’t have a major deal is a crime.”

“I wanted to make sure I get it before I left San Francisco. I look forward to receiving your CD. As to my being a record for ordering after the fact, put it down to I was impressed with your work and am an anal retentive Virgo type who has a file for everything. Your card was under “good idea get if have money.”
— (This fan ordered a copy of My Oyster in the mail a year after listening to it at a summer arts festival.)