My Oyster

“My Oyster is an extraordinary creation, a work of boundless imagination, and, as the title of the CD suggests, near relentless optimism, inflected by a fine sense of irony.”
David Yearsley, Cornell Professor of Music

My Oyster is a deeply introspective personal and philosophical reflection on an extraordinary time in Cory Cullinan’s life that won songwriters awards and lead to everything that followed, from Cory’s film music to producing to Doctor Noize and teaching.

The first full showcase of Cullinan’s abilities as composer and producer, My Oyster contains songs memorializing his brother; pondering the death of his father; a live recording of his marriage proposal to his wife; an acclaimed art rock piece about the Little Rock Nine; the award-winning pop gem A Little Extra; and the summary of it all in Our Town.

Lyrics, musician credits and production notes on each track:

  1. Crazy Old Man
  2. My Oyster
  3. Little Rock Don’t Break
  4. Without You
  5. Bright In Your Ways
  6. Take Some Time
  7. A Little Extra
  8. Never Shatter You
  9. Drifting Away
  10. The Story Of Heaven
  11. In The Doorway
  12. Our Town
  13. Something (For Janette)
  14. Production Crew & Notes
  15. Inspiration & Thanks

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