Regis University

“Thank you for being an open door to each of us. Through your passion I’ve been able to nurture my creative spirit. Speaking of spirits, you always know how to lift them up, with every note, every joke, and every word of encouragement you give. I look forward to continuing this musical journey with you next semester.”
— Adan Menchu CruzRegis University Undergraduate Student

“Students and faculty alike refer to me as Professor Cullinan, which is objectively hilarious and the primary reason I work here.”
— Cory CullinanRegis University Director of Recording Arts

As Regis’ full time Director of Music Technology & Recording Arts, Cory taught Recording Arts & Live Production, introductory Music classes, ran Regis’ $5 million concert venue Claver Recital Hall, and wrote and performed music with his students. He just kept talkin’ so nobody noticed he barely knew what he was talking about.

Every semester, Cory’s Recording Arts students became campus stars by recording an album and putting on a concert of their work. It was totally no fun at all. Watch their last concert above and their previous concert below, and check out every Regis Recording Arts album at these links:

With small class sizes, Cory was known for giving students incredibly personalized attention at Regis’ beautiful campus in Denver. He was infamous for spending the final two weeks of each semester all day and night in the Regis Studio helping students wrap up their mixes. Music Majors and non-Majors alike were invited to take the Recording Arts sequences of courses.

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