Reach Studios

 I don’t have enough words to express my gratitude. Thanks for bringing out the best in her.”
— Madhu Rao, Recording Artist Neela Rao’s Mother!

Cory owns and teaches at Reach Studios, his personally-designed and constructed five-room Colorado production facility. Originally built for his own productions, he’s opened it up as a production facility for other artists, a learning facility for students, or as that rare combination of both. Study Production, Composition, Promo & Music Business here.

Cory thinks the best way to learn is to do. So Reach students are also composers, recording engineers and entrepreneurs by design. We don’t just learn here — in order to truly reach, you must risk and publish in your field. Watch three free weeks of virtual curriculums Cory developed for courses at CU Denver below to see his teaching style.

Module 4: Microphones, Spaces & Placing Sound

Module 4-1: Introduction & Polarity Patterns
Module 4-2: Assessing the Studio Rooms & Acoustics
Module 4-3: Setting Up & Testing the Mics
Module 4-4: Recording the Piano & Starting A Mix

Module 6: The Complete Project — Planning to Mixing

Module 6-1: Big Picture Planning
Module 6-2: Individual Project Planning
Module 6-3: Building a Song

Module 1,567,321: Recording Woodwinds & Running A Session

Module 1,567,321: That’s a Lotta Modules!

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