“Brilliant sounds — the production is top-notch.”
— Ricky Kej, 3x Grammy-Winning Recording Artist

Produce your music with a man who’s created chart-topping songs, iTunes Essential Recordings, major film and TV music, documentary soundtracks, musical theatre and orchestral commissions, and hit app music. Cory’s teaching background makes him equally adept at working with either Grammy winners or newbies. Here are some recordings that he’s produced in the last year alone:

Accents of Love – Vivian Fang Liu

September 2023

Vivian Fang Liu’s latest children’s album, in which every voice is not just heard, but cherished.

Opus 1 – Levi Randolph

September 2023

Levi Randolph’s debut album, Opus 1, composed at age 17, is a testament to the universal leap, flight, and fall we all face when we give ourselves to another and the beautiful cycle that love creates. 

ROY G BIV – Riley Max

August 2023

Explore the colors of your world with ROY G BIV, the soulful and vibrant debut solo album from prodigious Riley Max.

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Professorial Productions

2019 – 2023

Recorded and produced at Stanford University, Regis University, and University of Colorado Denver.

Wondering if Cory’s philosophy, style, and production values are for you? Take a stroll around and If you like what you hear, it’s a match — he produced almost every word, sound, and video. Not sold yet? Here’s a recording and video Cory produced for a client:

Cory’s Production Services Include…

  • Music Production
    • Recording, Mixing & Mastering
    • Sound Design
    • Access to Cory’s Network of Production Engineers
  • Studio Musicianship
    • Singing
    • Piano & Keyboard, Guitar, Saxophone, Harmonica, Percussion
    • Access to Cory’s Network of Vocalists & Instrumentalists
  • Composition
    • Composing & Songwriting
    • Arranging & Orchestrating
    • Lyrics & Librettos
  • Multimedia & App Production
    • All of the Above, plus…
    • Character Voices & Voiceovers
    • Video Production
  • Website Production
    • All of the Above, plus…
    • Messaging, Writing & Design
    • WordPress Expertise
  • Music & Multimedia Business Consulting
    • Business
    • Marketing (Online + Traditional)
    • Fundraising (Crowdfunding + Traditional)
  • Teaching
    • Some artists value learning production while they record
    • It’s a great way to enhance your musical investment
    • Cory teaches all of the above while producing if asked