My Oyster

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My first album, My Oyster, earned acclaim for its adventurous music and deeply personal lyrics fusing the free spirit of an independent release with the production values of a major release. The song A Little Extra won a 1st Place Award in the popular West Coast Songwriters International Song Contest, and the album concludes with a fan favorite bonus track that’s a live recording of my marriage proposal to my wife.

The album caught the attention of a dedicated little group of fans, which lead over time in unpredicted ways to my work in education, film and musical theater commissions, and as Doctor Noize.  A high school administrator became a fan and hired me to run a music department (and then the arts department) in Silicon Valley; a film music producer heard it, which lead to the placement of my song The Bad News in numerous films and TV shows (long story); and the combination of those two gave me the composing/recording/teaching bug that lead to Doctor Noize and Reach Studios.

So…  Combining the opportunities this album created for me with its deeply confessional nature after a series of dramatic events in my life — the component perhaps most cited by fans and reviewers — my first substantial release still means much more to me than the average artist’s first album.  I hope you find it meaningful too.

You never know what’s gonna happen when you go with your gut and put yourself out there.

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1. Crazy Old Man 7. A Little Extra
2. My Oyster 8. Never Shatter You
3. Little Rock Don’t Break 9. Drifting Away
4. Without You 10. The Story Of Heaven
5. Bright In Your Ways 11. In The Doorway
6. Take Some Time 12. Our Town
13. Something (For Janette)

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