Producing draft

“A superb composer, lyricist, producer, engineer, singer, musician, entrepreneur and I can only imagine what else you’re capable of.”
— Martin Tichy, Vienna Symphonic Library Marketing Director

A hit songwriter and commissioned composer for stage, screen and multimedia, Cory was elected to the Recording Academy Board Of Governors — best known for producing The Grammys — for his work as a recording artist and producer. Explore the recordings of Cory Cullinan and his alter ego Doctor Noize here.

Recordings, lyrics and album notes below. Cory Cullinan recordings are released by Pictoria Records for adults; Doctor Noize recordings are released by Doctor Noize Inc. for kids, families and teachers; Konshens & The Earth Band is for the planet. Publishing by Cullinan Diamonds through BMI. Buy at a digital retailer or get CDs and signed sets below.

Opus 1 – Levi Randolph

September 2023