Doctor Noize Albums #2

“Will consider this mission accomplished. What clever and great lyrics, and so ridiculously full of energy. It’s also very musical… it’s real music. Seriously I am floored, it’s awesome. This is what children’s music should be.”
Austin Wintory, Grammy-Nominated Orchestral Composer

Cory’s well known as internationally-acclaimed family musician, author, and multimedia developer Doctor Noize. He tours nationwide playing virtuosic shows based on his amazing series of musical theatre recordings for kids, families and teachers inspiring creativity, curiosity and character. It’s a feast for the young at heart. Here’s the latest.

Doctor Noize’s recordings of engaging and educational songs and stories introduce adventurers of all ages to the diversity of musical styles and perspectives. Colorfully told through the eyes of two ragtag ensembles — The International Band Of Misunderstood Geniuses and the citizens of Grammaropolis — these heartfelt and challenging tales are sonically told by some of the world’s best singers and musicians.

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