Doctor Noize

“You are a great coach… to thousands of young people.”
— Alison Browne, Alaskan Noizemaker

Cory is known to younger kids, parents, teachers and venues as chart-topping family musician, author and multimedia developer Doctor Noize. He partners with educational brands like Grammaropolis and cities and symphonies everywhere, and his inspiring and energizing teaching style is known across the country and even internationally.

This was no fun at all

Doctor Noize’s first level of teaching is his insanely engaging series of edutainment recordings, books and multimedia. Next are his curriculums and shows. Go deepest with his Genius Workshops for kids — in-person or virtual. The entire Doctor Noize Website is a treasure trove of learning content for kids by a lifetime teacher.

Tour the country at Doctor Noize Composing & Recording Workshops:

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