Music Production

In 2014, one of my lifelong dreams came true when I built and opened my own professional multi-room music production studio, Reach Studios, for both my recordings and the recordings of others.  But before I created Reach, I had the privilege and good fun of producing a bunch of recordings for indie artists and students in smaller facilities. Here are a few nostalgic highlights…

  • Eric Taggart: Polaroids & Orange Peels
    An album I produced and engineered for this gifted singer/songwriter who, once upon a time, was my student at Pinewood. Eric had the qualifications — but not the ego — to become a mainstream pop star. He wanted his album to fuse the sounds of acoustic rock with high tech modern rock.

    • Maybe We Were
      Catchy, poetic, and high energy — and I got to program drums and play accordion on this track, which was a hoot.
    • You Can See Mars
      Eric’s “unplugged” side, with a bit of my production thrown in. With Greg Ryan on double bass.
    • All My Broken Gods
      A breathtakingly beautiful and heartfelt song brings Eric’s album to a close with this message: “If you’re okay… I guess that I’ll be all right.”
  • Brady: Stay (Demo)
    One of several demos I made with this fine singer/songwriter. I produced, engineered, mixed, played piano and sang with her on this track.
  • SWARM: The Things You Told Me
    A great track by my final SWARM (Students Writing And Recording Music) ensemble at Pinewood. We recorded eight full CD’s of student music. Visit the SWARM page for more.
  • Pinewood Singers: Dirait-on
    An emotionally charged live recording of my last piece conducting the award winning Pinewood Singers. Click here for more on One May Evening, the live CD/DVD of our final concert.