Regis University

“NEWS. It’s been a busy week, as a few interesting things came my way within days of earning my Masters. After much reflection, I’ve accepted the role of Director of Music Technology & Recording Arts at Regis University in Denver. In addition to teaching and running the recording studio, I’ll be charged with keeping our beautiful $6 million fine arts performance facility Claver Hall running. And to make sure my life is nuts, I’ll still be teaching at CU Denver too.
— Cory Cullinan

Here’s the rest of Cory’s announcement. More soon!

Regis has offered me the opportunity to oversee and build their recording arts program, recording facilities, and performance hall, with the possibility of expanding the scope and role over time if the school likes the program that’s being built and I want to lean more heavily into teaching. In some ways, it’s an opportunity to do what I did at Pinewood School years ago, but at a collegiate level. On that level…

I’ve learned a lot about Regis University and my colleagues in the last week, and it’s one of the reasons I’m most excited. They are truly an institution dedicated to the development of intellectual and ethical human beings and artists. It feels like an environment where I’d be happy building a program for the final phase of my career while still doing professional production projects at my own Reach Studios — and the opportunity to do so without having to move from the home and studio I built and love here in Colorado is one I am truly grateful for.”

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