Success is a direction, not a destination. So relish the pursuit, regardless of the end result, and pursue your interests purposefully and fearlessly. Make some waves of your own, and I’ll see ya at the wave pool.


The short version of my bio is that I’ve failed at a lot of things and succeeded at a lot of things, but I decided at 17 that I would always pursue my passions very purposefully with the people I love most.  And I’ve never changed that philosophy.

I have a degree in Music and Political Science from Stanford University, I live every day with the woman I admire most in the world, we have two action/adventure superhero daughters who bring us inspiration and entertainment, and I’ve managed to spend most of my career and personal time doing things I really believe in, like teaching, Reach Studios and Doctor Noize.

For a bio with a lot more detail on the results of the above philosophy, please read my Doctor Noize Bio and Reach Studios Bio.