I recently read “The Last Lecture,” which was so poignant… I thought a lot of Cory. Pausch’s energy and how he affected and influenced people, students, and colleagues reminded me of you. You would be an amazing teacher at a higher level of education, and thought you should know that I think that.
— Leslie Pelinka, Oregon Pediatrician & Doctor Noize Fan

This was one of those emails that inspired a change. Cory loved being a recording artist and composer, but missed his days as a high school Arts, Communication & Technology Department Head in Silicon Valley. He took Leslie’s advice, enrolled in a graduate program, and was offered a college teaching job before his grad work even started.

With a Master’s Thesis in Recording Arts Education, he now teaches Recording Arts at Regis University and University of Colorado Denver (school year) and Stanford (summers). He serves on the Recording Academy Education Committee. Study with Cory at college, Reach Studios, virtually, or a Dr. Noize Workshop for the young. Explore below!