Here are some things I’ve written or published in one form or another.  Many of my former regular written communication avenues (and Doctor Noize’s acclaimed monthly Noizeletter) have been replaced by my regular Facebook posts as both Cory Cullinan and Doctor Noize.  A few of my more extensive written things include…

  • Demystifying Excellence & The Power Of Purpose… is a speech I was asked to give at a high school Excellence Assembly in 2003.
  • Scenes From Fatherhood… when my kids were younger, I wrote an occasional blog about my journeys with the two great action/adventure superheroes, Sidney Grace and Riley Max.  I wish I’d continued to do this, but I didn’t.  Anyway, here are the entries I made before my Doctor Noize career became to busy too keep writing them.  I plan to release a book of the same name one day.  Or not.
  • My Oyster Song Lyrics… lyrics to my most personal and autobiographical album
  • For many more written words by and about me and my creations post-2008, please visit the Doctor Noize and Reach Studios websites.

I also wrote a few articles for Music Education Technology and Keyboard magazines back in the day, but they’re no longer on the internet and I didn’t save them.  This is no doubt a great loss for the intellectual history of the world.  Or not.