“Purpose matters.”
Cory Cullinan

Mission Statement
Cory Cullinan strives to makes the world a more purposeful and thoughtful place through music, words, teaching and learning.

Welcome to Cory’s website! Explore his composing, writing, recording, producing, teaching and blabbing here. Or visit his alter ego Doctor Noize; his production house Reach Studios; his band Konshens & The Earth Band; his Facebook page for musings and conversation; and his C.V. for more than even his mother would want to know. Enjoy!


  • Cory’s a featured presenter at Regis University‘s 2022 Fall Faculty Conference, showing interactive creativity using art & technology.
  • Cory’s performing a cappella looping songs (one improvised with the audience) at the Regis University Music Program Faculty Recital.
  • Cory produced the soundtrack for the documentary film Out of the Shadows, by Miriam Kapner, about musicians helping on 9/11.
  • Cory’s summer Recording Arts students at Stanford University recorded an album in a week. Check out Cruising Out Of The Shadows!
  • Cory’s love letter to fatherhood, Ode To Sidney Grace — a song and video literally 20 years in the making — has been released!