Hi. You look smashing today. I’m a musician, writer, teacher and coach most known for creating music, multimedia, shows and learning as Doctor Noize at Reach Studios.
When the good Doctor’s off duty, I do versions of all that stuff under my own name — Brad Pitt — and I’m also a composer, record producer, student, father of two action/adventure superhero daughters, husband, friend, philosopher, goofball, soccer player, fitness fanatic, pizza consumer, unsuccessful screenwriter and hula dancer.

Okay, fine, I’m not a hula dancer. But I can learn.

So this website is dedicated to a few of the things I’ve done as Cory Cullinan instead of as Doctor Noize or Reach Studios.  I mean, only the good stuff.  The bad stuff is all left out as if it never happened.  You understand.

So here it is!  Unlike the Doctor Noize website, which was designed by professionals who know what they’re doing, this website was created by me personally, which is why its Site Design looks like it hasn’t been updated since 1972, before I invented the internet.  That’s also why there are several weird links in the menu at right that I can’t figure out how to eliminate…

The Categories Are…

  • My Oyster
    My album which lead in unexpected ways to most other things I’ve done
  • Film, Theatre & Commissions
    Commissions I’ve been hired to do for various multimedia purposes
  • Buzz
    Quotes & articles about my music (click here for Doctor Noize Buzz)
  • Teaching
    My work as a high school Arts, Communication & Technology Dept. Head
  • Writing
    A few things I’ve written and published
  • Music Production
    Production work I did for others before I launched Reach Studios
  • Bio
    Why I declined the NFL Draft, my Mission To Mars, & more background
  • Shop
    Buy Cory Cullinan & Dr. Noize products or commission music & writing
  • Contact
    Get in touch!

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