“Purpose matters.”
Cory Cullinan

Mission Statement
Cory Cullinan strives to makes the world a more purposeful and thoughtful place through music, words, teaching and learning.

Welcome to the Cory Cullinan website. Explore his composing, writing, recordings, producing, teaching, speaking and more here. Or visit the sites of his alter ego Doctor Noize and his production house Reach Studios; his Facebook page for daily musings; and his C.V. for more than even his mother would want to know. Thanks for stopping by.


  • Cory & his daughters were part of UNICEF’s World Children’s Day Concert, performing 4 songs with Konshens & The Earth Band!
  • Cory just recorded & produced this talented young artist, Phia, at Reach Studios . She’s a high school kid! Support her on SoundCloud.
  • Konshens The MC takes you on a 5-minute star-studded Album Tour of his new collaboration Funk The Earth with Cory’s The Earth Band.
  • Cory’s positive energy group Konshens & The Earth Band has another video. It (and Cory’s Vintage 80’s Keytar) will make you smile.
  • Cory’s new supergroup & his daughter Riley kicked off the Nature For Life Hub at the United Nations General Assembly October 4th!