Hi. You look smashing today. I’m a musician, writer and teacher whose main gig is creating family music, books and shows under the guise of my alter ego, Doctor Noize.
But when the good Doctor’s off duty, I am also an independent recording artist, composer, songwriter, record producer, blogger, teacher, student, father of two action/adventure superhero daughters, husband, friend, philosopher, goofball, soccer player, pizza consumer, unsuccessful screenwriter and hula dancer.

Okay, fine, I’m not a hula dancer. But I can learn.

So anyway, here’s some other stuff I do. Explore the Pages at right and the News and Buzz below, and thanks for stopping by.



  • “My Oyster is an extraordinary creation, a work of boundless imagination.” – David Yearsley, Cornell University Professor of Music
  • “It’s deep, man.” — Hershel Yatovitz, Chris Isaak Band guitarist
  • “A composer of formidable technique at work.”Keyboard Magazine
  • “I never heard an independent (CD) produced at this level.” – Emily Bezar, DemiVox Records recording artist
  • “The lyrics are like poetry and the music is a moving interpretation… Both together are like inspiration itself pouring over my eardrums, soaking me in life and philosophy. Cory Cullinan… really understands the pain of loss and the value of living.” – Audrey Kanemoto, Il Vezzo

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