Something (For Janette) in your smile draws me nearer
A smile that brings a warmth for two
Catch me with your smile…I’m a mirror
What is it about that smile?
I can’t do without that smile

Something in your voice makes me listen
Falling from your lips words soothe
Something `bout the choice:
Does she shine or does she glisten?
That makes my life a banquet for two

And all of our days this hand is yours
The ways which I adore you
Lack ceilings, walls, and floors
Janette, my darling, I do implore
Oh, will you make me yours?

Standing by your side makes me better
You know I’m not as fine alone
Something in your style makes me lie like I’m an angel
I’ll believe it all the time if you’re home

So all of these days this man is yours
The ways which I adore you
Lack ceilings, walls, and floors
Janette, my darling, I do implore…

Will you smile that smile?
And will you say those things?
And will you grace me with all
The embraceable charms your arms bring?
Stay in love, and we will sing

With your hand in my hand
And your heart in my heart
And your wish in my wish
And your smile in my smile

Your thoughts in my thoughts
And your mind on my mind
With your lips on my lips
And your style in my style

Your spark is my spark
And your laugh in my laugh
With your love of my love
Dear, your song is my song
I think…I think we think as one

Would you be so kind as to keep me?
(You’re very sweet)
I would try to be real cute
(But I can’t compete)
‘Cause dear, you’re my favorite person, place
Or something, whatever you want to be
So darling, do you want to?
‘Cause I’m something to hold onto
We’ll be something we can belong to…

Will you marry me?
Will you marry me?
Janette, will you marry me?

‘Cause I’ll marry you

© Janette Cullinan (composed by Cory Cullinan)


Voice Cory Cullinan
Piano Gabriel Lucas
Upright bass Andy Butler
Drums Dodger Posey


There’s nobody in this world who I admire or adore more than my wife Janette. She is an inspiration to me.

Something (For Janette) is unlisted song #13 on My Oyster. It’s a live recording of my actual marriage proposal, performed as a surprise private concert for one by four men in tuxedos: a drummer, a bassist, a pianist, and a singer whose hopes for the life he desired were answered by a single word whispered into his ear after the final lines of the song… “Yes.”

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