“I still have your speech on demystifying excellence and have shared it with many friends. I read it more than once a year, and it always helps to inspire me.”
— Raahul Srinivasan

Book a Keynote Address by a leader with a proven track record of inspiring and producing Big Challenging Things with a galvanizing life story of triumph over tragedy.

Cory Cullinan’s two big-picture areas of advocacy — Demystifying Excellence and Sophistication Matters – resonate with assemblies of people of all ages and are delivered in challenging, call-to-action Keynote Addresses. Let’s give away the endings right now. In both Keynotes, the ultimate message is clear: If you reach for your best and know what your purpose is in life, you won’t be deterred by settling for less, and you will go to bed very, very happy — even on days when you fail.

The Keynotes are engineered to inspire people and groups of all ages to consider their reach and purpose.  Do you have the courage to go where you wanna be?  Read on for a synopsis of each Keynote Address.

Demystifying Excellence

This conversation draws on Cory’s catalyzing teenage experience of learning through tragedy — the loss of his father and brother — to take charge of your life, pursue your passions, hone your focus, and lean on your “extended family” of community to make your own personal creative contribution to the world. It’s the blueprint upon which Cory has lived his life, and has lead him to reach and aim big as a father, husband, teacher, coach, composer, writer, and entertainer — sometimes succeeding, sometimes failing, always ready to get up and go for it again tomorrow. It’s why you see Cory onstage with an intimidating collection of instruments and looping technology, a bunch of unpredictable kids, endless possibilities for unexpected chaos — and a big smile on his face. This philosophy has served Cory so well that he’s made the original talk available free online for those who can’t attend or afford a Keynote.

Sophistication Matters

Cory Cullinan challenges those capable of greatness in a short-attention-span culture that is often content with artistic and intellectual “comfort food.” He seriously and comically addresses his up-to-the-minute successes, failures and challenges championing sophisticated content to the family media industry. If the market prefers your simple silly stuff to your more sophisticated fare… should you simply feed them what they think they want? If you hope to give people something more, how do you survive? If you’re wise, you seek to connect the gap between the two.  This Keynote Address — which bluntly challenges assumptions on what our culture believes kids are capable of, and suggests that it is actually unadventurous adults who are limiting our future — will get your leaders, teachers and parents wanting to Reach and Go Big.