Drifting Away

The image “http://www.corycullinan.com/Images/Color_Swirl.JPG” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.Before your tears have dried
I’ll be your finest friend
And try to make you laugh until you cry again
Within our purest tears
A river will appear
To drift us away from here
We float hand in hand, my dear

To taste in all that’s sweet
You’ll have to wet your feet
Success lies in the purpose
There is no defeat
The landscapes of our minds
We’ll cultivate with time
That’s passing without the faintest clue
We build our own shores within our views

And when the river’s rough and wild
I’ll grasp your way and need your smile
I’d swim a thousand rivers blue
Upstream without end
Beside you

The heart becomes adept at pushing off the river’s side
Together we are home no matter where may drift the tide
Oh, I know that there’s something more
Than ease and a floor beneath me to call my own
Come on away with me…

So when it’s time to sleep
And dream of what we are
We’ll cast ourselves ashore beneath the stars
With warming arms around
And listening to the sounds
Of drifting away
We’re drifting away
We’re drifting away…

© Cory Patrick Cullinan


Voice Cory Cullinan
Guitar Hershel Yatovitz
Piano José Bowen
Bass Greg Ryan
Drums Dodger Posey


Drifting Away was the fastest to write and record of any of the songs on My Oyster except live bonus song #13. Choosing between José Bowen‘s three fantastic takes — an embarrassment of riches — was the biggest challenge.

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