Students Writing And Recording Music (SWARM)

“The SWARM CD is the most valuable thing in my life. With this CD, I took a step forward in my life instead of being controlled by my fate. This CD is my baby, which arrived after the series of the most difficult events in my life. I am sure that I will meet other difficult problems in later life. Then, I will listen to this meaningful CD and believe that I can go through those problems again as I did last year.
Seejun Jeong, from his College Application Essay

Each semester for five loud years, SWARM students wrote and recorded their own albums in the Pinewood Studio, which were then sold to the student body to buy more studio gear. Students learned to compose and record their own music in Pro Tools, and performed and promoted the music at a concert at the end of each semester.

SWARM was developed before Cory even knew there was such a thing as a Recording Arts degree — just a recording artist teacher having fun with budding recording artists. Tracks were produced and recorded by the students, and most were written by the students too. Cory still listens to these tracks sometimes to inspire him. Big smiles every time.

Highlights from every SWARM album recorded at Pinewood…

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