Other & Custom Keynotes

“Thank you so much for your amazing contribution to our fundraiser. Your presence at the party and your keynote message to our guests was the perfect element to success! Thank you so much for also making time in your busy schedule.”
–Sonja Palmer, Music For Minors Executive Director

Sophistication Matters

Cory’s second Keynote subject is Sophistication Matters, a deep passion purpose of his.  It’s an interactive discussion about how, in a modern short-attention-span world, with its disposable media and distractions, pursuing sophistication over simplicity builds your soul and purpose and creates a skill set to bring you fulfillment and success.

Client-Requested Custom-Tailored Keynotes

Custom Keynotes are topical talks and interactive discussions we create together, moderated by Cory for any organization or group, adults or kids, and utilizing his experience as a teacher and entertainer.  He’s spoken for organizations like Renaissance Weekend, Music For Minors, Google, Stanford, high schools, and more. 

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