The Beethoven Rap afternoon in the Pinewood Studio, I wrote and recorded this rap about Beethoven for fun over the Walter Murphy Band’s super fresh disco hit A Fifth Of Beethoven. It became something of a cult hit on campus, eventually becoming a part of the curriculum to break the tension on the last day of review before the course final.

Imagine your most revered teachers of various subjects suddenly emerging from the Music Room closet during the dreaded Final Exam Review to perform a choreographed disco routine while your music teacher begins to shake his booty and perform a rap about Beethoven that would make Ludwig turn over in his grave — for example, he looks a little upset about it in this picture — and you’ll start to get a sense of what my music history class was like.

All, of course, in the name of high art.  Listen to The Beethoven Rap if you dare.

*Note:  No dead composers were harmed during the recording of this piece.