For The Umpteenth Time…

Every time he does it, I tell myself I should tell you. Finally, this time I will.

For the umpteenth time, when I went into his bedroom to ask how school
and homework are going, Polo jumps up from his work and animatedly
begins telling stories about your class. He resets his CD player to a
specific track from The Messiah and goes into what makes that part so
appealing to him, then, after another moment, says enthusiastically,
“He’s such a great teacher!” and “He pronounces it fug-ue! Did you know
it’s a round? He had us sing Row Row Row Your Boat to show us what a
fugue is!” This, plus more about you at the keyboard, in front of the
class, etc., goes on for about 10 minutes before I remind him that I
didn’t come in to disturb his homework or distract him, just to check
in…”Oh yeah…” he’ll say as he heads back into his room (his
retelling includes coming out to pick out some melodies on the piano).

Well, this is top secret. Please don’t let on that I have shared this
with you. I couldn’t keep it in because his increasing love of music is
creditable solely to you and it makes me very, very happy. And if I were
you, I’d sure want to know that what I do and how I do it is making a
very big difference.

Thank you.

Jeannine Black Uffelman

Polo went on to become one of my top music history students, play the lead role of Jack in Sondheim‘s Into The Woods, perform as a soloist and Tenor Section Leader in the Pinewood Singers, and compose a number of fantastic songs in SWARM, including…

Dance With Me — a song which none other than Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page praised (a funny story for another time…).