It Is Possible

by Nana Kanzaveli

Nana was a really kind and wonderful young woman — and a very fine singer — I had the privilege of teaching.  Upon her graduation from UC Irvine, she wrote me this, which really meant a lot.  Soon after, she became an elementary school teacher herself, and now she spends her days paying it forward and inspiring students of her own.  This is the kind of note you only get years later when you choose a career like teaching.


I miss you so much. Your passion has always been an inspiration in my life and I always get teary-eyed when I talk about my high school experience with Pinewood Singers and how amazing you were as a role model. You started something new at Pinewood, touched so many lives, and broke some records with them and that is something I constantly try to do now that you have shown me that it is possible.