Here are some things I’ve written or published in one form or another.  Like many of us in the modern world, much of my former writing avenues (and Doctor Noize’s Noizeletter) has been replaced by my regular Facebook posts as both Cory Cullinan and Doctor Noize.  For up-do-date written thoughts and updates from me, Like Doctor Noize on Facebook or send me a Facebook Friend request if we know each other.

A few other written things include…

Cory Cullinan Writing

  • Demystifying Excellence & The Power Of Purpose… is a speech I was asked to give at a high school Excellence Assembly in 2003.
  • Scenes From Fatherhood… when my kids were younger, I wrote an occasional blog about my journeys with the two great action/adventure superheroes, Sidney Grace and Riley Max.  I wish I’d continued to do this in recent years.  Anyway, here are the entries I made before my Doctor Noize career became to busy too keep writing them.  I plan to release a book of the same name one day.
  • Cory Cullinan Song Lyrics… lyrics to some of the songs I’ve composed and released
  • Babe Magnet… is a romantic comedy screenplay draft I wrote a decade ago in which a guy tries to use his friend’s baby to get dates.  Hilarity and character development ensues.  I thought it was a cool idea, so I sent it in to a Hollywood script screener, and he basically said it sucked and needed massive revisions.  By that time I was on to Doctor Noize, and had no time to have another go at it or even re-read it to see if he was right, but if anyone would like to pay me a million dollars for my failed screenplay, I will seriously be your best friend in the whole wide world.
  • I wrote a few articles for Music Education Technology and Keyboard magazines back in the day, but they’re no longer on the internet and I didn’t save them.  This is no doubt a great loss for the intellectual history of the world.  Or not.

Doctor Noize Writing…

  • Doctor Noize’s Noizeletter… I used to write a newsletter for my alter ego Doctor Noize, but I replaced it with regular Doctor Noize Facebook Page posts.  The Noizeletters developed a bit of a cult following, with one national kids music reviewer calling it “the best newsletter by the funniest guy in kids music.”  Here are some old Noizeletters for anyone interested.
  • Doctor Noize Website… there’s a fair amount of writing on all things Doctor Noize there!
  • Doctor Noize Song Lyrics…  lyrics and librettos to the Doctor Noize songs and musical theatre albums.

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